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Panasonic has created a prototype WLAN- phone

Panasonic has announced the creation of its first WLAN- phone (supporting standards 802. 11b / g), at the moment there are already several models, but so far it is only a prototype device.
The first display and demonstration of new products scheduled for exhibition ITU Telecom World 2006 held in Hong Kong. Visitors will be able to evaluate the possibility of WLAN for high-quality IP TV, while it is not just about streaming multimedia content in terms of the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), but also to try video calls over the Internet. Panasonic promises high-quality voice, high-grade video (30 fps) with the integration into a standard household appliances supporting DNLA. Prototypes of devices have been developed based on the model FOMA P902i, so the design of the model is not completely identical to the P902i, but at the time of launching phones on the market (mid 2007 ), the design may change.

Source:. Softpedia.

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