четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Email Extractor.

The next topic is about cool software named as email extractor I stumbled upon. It extracts email addresses from any site on Internet. They all have email addresses. It happens that people leave contact info such as emails addresses, phones on sites.

Email extractor may extract emails from mail boxes, documents. Extract emails from sites Enter site/blog/forum name you want to extract email addresses. Sometimes you have cool product or service and it is not well-known yet. How to reach your audience/customers? You must start advertising it.

In some cases you might not know sites you need to scan for emails but you know some keywords describing your potential customers. All you need to do is to type keywords in the textbox of application and press start button inside email extractor. Email extractor can grab email addresses on blogs, forums, Facebook, Youtube or in any other place where customers are concentrated. You can find all email addresses scan files on your hard drive and extract emails.

You might not know where your audience/customers/leads live Use them in email extractor and it will find all of them in search engine like google and then extract emails from all of them. Do you know how to extract people' contact information such as emails from websites ? One of the ways is to search them manually by using Google, Bing or run email extractor. Email extractor software comes into play if you have to contact customers and let them know about your new service or product.

Have you ever investigated where your potential customers sit on internet ? I suppose they are spend time on social networks like facebook, twitter, forums, blogs. The best way to sell your products is to extract emails from websites and send advertisement to people directly by email address, phone. In some cases you don't have desire to scan and extract emails form the whole site but only one or list of pages. Just enter pages urls and email extractor will do the work for you.

среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Terrorist attack in Minsk - This may be a joint game of the KGB and Mikhalevich

Retired KGB lieutenant colonel Valery Kostka said that the flight Ales Mikhalevich abroad may be part of a larger political game started by security forces.
- This flight does not fit with the logic of the policy. The politician has to fight. Mikhalevich has not committed any act for which he could be held criminally responsible. Together with Tereshchenko, Romanchuk, Ussom helped more than Lukashenko 's presidential candidate, than fighting with him.
This kind of game. All cleared by his deeds. If you do have a secret video of him talking about his colleagues, the diplomats - so, logically, the KGB must produce this video. If this video will not be charged - perhaps a joint game of the KGB and Mikhalevich.
Mikhalevich, in principle, be judged not for what. If Mikhalevich not to judge - the question arises: for which he held for two months in the KGB jail with Sannikov, Nyaklyaeu, Statkevich? . Therefore, if Mikhalevich remained here, in Belarus, it would have been worse for the regime.
In the area of ​​Mikhalevich called at the last moment. But the appeal and does not constitute a criminal offense. He played - yes, but it is not a crime. During the election, Lukashenko played up. And then wrote a penitential letter to Lukashenko.
After all, in fact: to be afraid Tereshchenko, Romanchuk, Ussu? . Appears in the BNF Mikhalevich, quickly grows to the Deputy Chairman of the Party - BPF is falling apart, appears in the movement ... Political force in Mikhalevich no, the idea - there is also. During the last campaign Mikhalevich PR himself, himself unraveled. Why is it in this case was held for two months in the KGB - is he a key figure?.
As a result, Mikhalevich released, and Sannikov, Nyaklyaeu, who are already aged, will sit until the last.
- How to escape Ales Mikhalevich could affect other defendants on charges of rioting?.
On - defendants, who are under house arrest, may not affect. What is the point to leave the country, if you are released on bail? . After all, look - there would be no vessel of these absurd, all long since been forgotten about the election. And not just talk about fraud, so still and the Courts, and the prisoners, and torture.