среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

The fighters intercepted the forgetful pensioner

75- year-old Marty Rouse,.

seen in the air interceptors, decided that they just came to admire her plane.
75- year-old pilot, mistakenly caught in no-fly zone, explained the incident by the fact that I forgot to include the radio.
The incident occurred on Wednesday about the visit of Barack Obama in Chicago. In this case all the pilots of private planes were forbidden to enter the 48- kilometer zone around the local airport O'Hara.
Once the private Piper J- 3 Cub was, nevertheless in this airspace, with the nearest air base were scrambled two F-16 fighter.
The pilot did not respond to any radiozaprosy or the signals that the fighters gave her visual.
In the end, it still left the restricted area and sat down at the airport in a suburb of Chicago, where she was waiting for the police.
Pilot a small airplane was Myrtle Rose, a 75- year-old amateur pilot. ...

According to the pilots, usually before the flight, she checks on the computer, what areas are closed to flights, but that day he was working badly. She also admitted that she is not turned on the radio in the airplane.
Finally, when the fighters, it is thought that they came to see ' how cute my Cub'.
Meanwhile, in command of the North American Air Defense (Norad) believe that these explanations can not excuse the violations.
' The most important thing to learn [ the pilots of private planes ], is that if the F-16 is fed to you some signs, maybe they want to tell you something ...
According to Rose, the representatives of the federal aviation authorities said that it is now, or face fines or revocation of a license, though perhaps it does not punish.